Saturday, May 14, 2011

Presty the DJ for May 14-15

Saturday's birthdays start with Harry "Chick" Daugherty, trombone player for Spike Jones:

Bobby Darin (for whom my father's band, the first rock and roll band in southern Wisconsin, played as Darin's backing band in Madison -- according to my father the piano player, Darin was very exacting, which made playing for him not necessarily a fun experience):

Jack Bruce, bass player for Cream:

Gene Cornish, bass player and singer for The Rascals:

Derek Leckenby, one of Herman's Hermits:

David Byrne, the front man of the Talking Heads, chronicled in perhaps the best concert movie of all time, "Stop Making Sense":

Tom Cochrane, first of Red Rider, then with his one solo hit:

Bruce Johannesson, better known as C.C. Deville of Poison:

Michael Inez, guitarist, bass and sax player for Ozzy Osbourne ...

... and Alice in Chains:

Saturday is also the anniversary of the death by electrocution of Keith Reif of the Yardbirds:

Sunday (the 23rd anniversary of my graduation from the University of Wisconsin, for those who care) features three Beatles anniversaries -- the first meeting of Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman (who, for those who don't know, became Linda McCartney), which was one year before McCartney and John Lennon appeared on NBC-TV's The Tonight Show starring guest host Joe Garagiola, which was two years before the Beatles' last album, "Let It Be," was released in the U.S.

Well before all that, Sunday is the birthday of folk singer Trini Lopez ...

... and Little River Band guitarist Graham Goble (not sure where he is in this video) ...

... and Uriah Heep bass player Gary Thain ...

... and Brian Eno, who played keyboards for Roxy Music and U2 ...

... and Toto's Dennis Fredericksen ...

... and composer Mike Oldfield, whose name you may not recall, but you probably recall his best known work:

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