Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Be careful what you wish for

A thought exercise:

Let's say that the state Supreme Court decides (assuming a decision comes after the mediocrity that will be Justice Kloppenburg is seated) to invalidate the Legislature's passage of the budget repair bill.

What was Gov. Walker's stated alternative to the budget repair bill? I seem to remember writing back during the Fleeing Fourteen nonsense:

If the budget-repair bill isn’t passed, the result will be an alternative budget repair strategy: Layoffs of up to 6,000 state employees, the first 1,500 of which will occur very soon, and revenue-sharing cuts projected to result in layoffs of up to 6,000 local-government employees, between now and mid-2013. So the choice Senate Democrats are making is:
  1. Give government employees smaller, but still better, benefits than private-sector workers, and retain their wage collective-bargaining rights, or …
  2. Reduce the government workforce by up to 12,000. 
There is also option 3: Decertify the unions.

Better hope the (inevitable) recount goes Prosser's way.

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