Monday, April 25, 2011

The nicest mail I've gotten

So far, I wouldn't recommend unemployment as an ego-boosting exercise.

On the other hand, as a result of the announcement that Marketplace was ending with the April 12 issue, I've gotten after-the-fact validation that, yes, people did notice my work for 10 years at Marketplace. Some of the following comments were posted on the Marketplace of Ideas blog (while it was still live), some were sent to me via LinkedIn, and others were emailed this way.

Very sad to learn about Marketplace. It's been a great pub for N.E.W. and a staple for business news coverage. It will be missed by me and others.

I'm really hoping this is just an elaborate April Fool's??? Will be sad to see Marketplace go otherwise!  

Just want to thank you and your staff for all you have done. Your blog was a daily read and will miss my daily fix.

thank you for a great magazine. I am so sorry to see Marketplace go. There are other publications that I could not, and would not, be sad to see go based on a slanted position, rather than Marketplace who I honestly believed did one fine job of reporting ... more than just slanted facts.

This is an indescribable loss to the greater business dialogue so necessary in the Northeast Wisconsin region. ... Without a single doubt, I consider your intellectual, analytical, educational and persuasive skills to be the very best in this region. You remain the voice of reason, even in the competitive and declining world of ink on paper. 

I'm sure it was an agonizing decision. Marketplace has become a northeastern Wisconsin icon. But you are right, change is inevitable. Congratulations to you and the staff for doing a excellent job for a long time.

I am disappointed that the magazine is closing. Over the years, MM was clearly the best unbiased source of business news. 

Sorry to see the pub go....but congratulations on your tremendous success. A remarkable feat -- especially considering the incredible competition for readers' time and interest.

Having been a frequent reader since 1994, I have had the privilege of enjoying many insightful articles that have proven not only interesting, but useful in terms of running a business.  Having spent the past few years of my 20+ year career with a small local manufacturing firm, I have experienced first-hand the consequences of the actions, or sometimes lack thereof, of our government at all levels and how a small business and its people are impacted.  That’s why I’ve particularly enjoyed your editorials as of late.  Your column should have been required reading for all governing officials.  Or better yet, perhaps you should run for office.  I know you’d have my vote.

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