Monday, April 4, 2011

Presty the DJ, set 2

If you asked my wife about her favorite songs (which, as with Friday, are the property of the current copyright-holders), she would mention two. First, from the 1970s, Mr. Loaf:

(There is a story about the singer accompanying Mr. Loaf: Her name is Karla DeVito, but her voice is Ellen Foley, Markie Post's predecessor on the 1980s sitcom "Night Court.")

Shortly thereafter, a Canadian group, the Kings (which got about as much airplay as Lighthouse thanks to those Canadian domestic content laws), released this two-part song:

Actually, my former assistant should be doing this since she is an actual DJ. (Contact her if you're looking for one.) She one day mentioned an unusual guilty pleasure for someone who I believe was born after this song, part of a musical that played in the U.K. for three years and in the U.S. for two months, was released:

Finally, two birthdays today: Guitarist Dave Hill of the Climax Blues Band, which  ...

... and guitarist Pick Withers of Dire Straits, which did this at our wedding:

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