Monday, April 25, 2011

In case you missed it ...

My latest appearance on WTMJ-TV's "Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes" can be viewed here.

Three post-appearance thoughts from each of the three segments:
(1) The Kloppenburg 13-second pause is 13 seconds we'll never get back. And we certainly have seen since the April 5 election what we would have gotten had Waukesha County clerk's office officials not found those 7,300 votes.
(2) The question still begs answering: What is it the Republican senators have done to deserve to be recalled? One vote the unions don't like? There remains a substantial difference between recalling senators based on votes (the Republican up to eight), and recalling senators based on misconduct in public office (the Democrat up to eight).
(3) The education sector claims there is not enough money to support schools. Of course, funding would be less of an issue had schools been run in more fiscally effective fashion, as in (A) not having as many administrators who do not contribute to education, (B) school spending in areas that are not central to education (such as running their own school bus fleets), and, yes, employee benefits that the taxpayers cannot afford.

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